Marmousi Velocity Model

Marmousi Velocity Model is a synthetic velocity model produced by the French Petroleum Institute and released to general public with the purpose of providing a complex velocity model that can be used for testing the efficiency of migration and velocity analysis algorithms.

Here we present a Fortran programme that transfers hard and smooth Marmousi velocity models into a BP FreeDDS dataset. FreeDDS is a seismic I/O system for multi-dimensional datasets offered by BP in the hopes that it may foster education, understanding and collaboration amongst the world wide seismic imaging community.

Visit the the official Free DDS web site for more information and the latest release of DDS software (see the link below).

FreeDDS visualisation and data processing capabilities make it an ideal tool for large-scale I/O processing of seismic datasets, and we highly recommend its use in research. This programme runs on Unix-like systems exclusively - i.e., where FreeDDS has been ported.

Download the tarred source code, save it under the name m2dds.tar.bz2, extract all files using a tar/bzip2-compatible decompression utility -e.g., decompress using "tar xfj m2dds.tar.bz2". Once all the files have been decompressed and placed into the same folder, make the code running make or gmake. A recent release of FreeDDS (release 6 or 7) and Intel Fortran Compiler (release 7-9) are required.

The programme is coded in Fortran 95 and can be used for importing any 2D velocity model from plaintext files into DDS datasets. Input parameters are passed in a DDS parameter file - par_vel file in this case.

Marmousi to DDS