Research Opportunities in Applied Mathematics and Geophysics

The next session of my weekly Applied and Industrial Mathematics Seminar will be held on the 12th of June 2007 at 13:00 in room 300 of the BSU FAM. Please track FAM announcements and regularly visit http://www.maharramov.com and http://www.industrialmathematics.org for updates and news of special seminar gatherings.

Each meeting typically consists of two sessions: a 45-minute research announcement session and 1-hour training session. However, either session may span the length of the entire meeting on exceptional occasions.

Most of my former and current students may be interested in attending the training sessions as those will essentially be a replacement for the regular classes I used to deliver at the FAM. However, this time the presentations will not be limited to a particular curricular subject, nor will there be any restrictions on the audience. The FAM and I will supply all necessary training materials including some computing resources.

Everyone is invited including 1-st year freshmen, students from all sections and speaking any languages, former graduates and even folks from other universities and living in other countries. If you have trouble attending, let me know and I will formalise your participation with the dean's office. The training will cover the following disciplines (the list may slightly change):
* Parallel Computing;
* Discrete Mathematics;
* Numerical Algorithms;
* Industrial Mathematics (incl. Geophysical, Petroleum, Engineering and other applications);

There will be 5-10 lectures on each subject followed by a colloquium and ... a contest among those willing to pursue a career in Industrial Mathematics. At each colloquium I will present a number of problems/exercises for the contestants to be solved by a particular deadline (typically, the next but one meeting but may be extended). I will evaluate solutions presented by the contestants and award points based on a predetermined set of rules to be advised. The scoring will contribute towards my recommending the concerned individuals for internship in industry followed by exciting employment opportunities! Previous merits of my FAM students will be taken into account as extra points awarded at the outset of the contest.

Please regularly visit http://www.maharramov.com. and track FAM announcements for details. Remember, we are inclusive and everyone is invited!

Check the continuously updated lectures notes and example tarballs below. Save the tarballs on disk as ".tar" files and the lecture notes as a ".pdf" file. Active registration with maharramov.com is required for viewing this content.

IAM Lecture Notes (updated on 25 Nov 07)
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