DoAM 2007 course work assignment

A detailed description of the hydraulic calculations project is attached - individual course works will be based on this paper.

Here is the work assignment (and course work titles) agreed so far:

Electra (Math) - A Mathematical Model of a Steady State Flow of a Viscous Liquid. Math behind Eqs (21)-(27) and the solution technique.

Mickey (Math) - Fast Algorithms for Solving Non-linear Algebraic Equations. Comparative analysis and implementation of solution algorithms for Eq (24) -- e.g., Netwon's.

Hussein (Computing) - Modelling of a Turbulent Flow in a Steel Pipeline. For now replicate my Appendix B VBA Source Code in C, C++ or Fortran.

Miamski (Computing) - Platform-independent Web Interface for Modelling Hydrocarbon Pipelines. Migrate my spreadsheet interface to the Web (use java, CGI, Perl - NOT PHP, ASP, .NET!!!)

Lebowski (Computing) - X-Window Interface for Modelling Hydrocarbon Pipelines. Same as Miamski but using Unix X Windows.

Fuad (Computing) - GUI Interface for Modelling Hydrocarbon Pipelines - Lebowski's double.

Mushfig (Computing) - Data Export/Import Modules for Modelling Hydrocarbon Pipelines. Put together the code and data structures needed to connect the interface programmes to the backbone.

Elmin (Math) - Mathematics of Conservation Laws - math behind Eqs (3) and (22) - you split this up with Electra.

Our next seminar will be held on the 5th of June.